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About our company

Four years of international experience of our traders and employees in the trade and investment markets, including Forex and CFD. The highest level of clients’ confidence all over the world and only the positive results of trading sessions. The prominence and the right approach to investing were naturally transferred and expanded not only in the basic form of our activities carried out in offline mode, but recently transformed into the providing of services in the online format – more democratic and affordable way interaction. The high volatility of investment proposals and honest trust. All of this is the FXMC Company, considered as the European leader Trust Deed of investment resources. The Offer of guaranteed profit from our company has become possible because of our innovations in the field of trading were able to get ahead of their time and put the company in a leading position, leaving far behind all its competitors. Doing official business is backed up and provided with all the necessary documents issued for our company by the UK government. Our activities are absolutely transparent, as required by the legislation of the United Kingdom. We provide a complete package of documented reporting on our activities within the legislative terms. We fulfill our obligations regardless of the external economic trends.

Features of our service

The availability of investment – is one of our distinctive features which are inherent to far not all the companies offering trust asset management services. We guarantee high profitability and create conditions for the diversification of investments, providing several options for investment proposals. A stable income and high reliability placements are provided by the work of our highly qualified specialists.

10 distinctive features

  • Variability of ways for making investments
  • Prompt processing of all payments
  • The frequency of reporting on all sessions
  • Statistically transparent activity
  • Around-the-clock Customer Service
  • Personal Management for VIP-investors
  • Incentive VIP loyalty program
  • Independent trading sessions monitoring
  • Analytical personal advice
  • British quality of trading services

Why clients choose us?

Reasonable conditions of cooperation against the backdrop of competitive interest rates and the international recognition of the high quality services provided by our company makes cooperation with FXMC Company no alternative at the present stage of development of the industry of online investing.


Fairness in cooperation

The very essence of the Trust Deed is based on trust of the interacting parties. This trust is a cementing factor in building of the long-term trust between the company and each of its clients. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this factor. We are doing and will do everything possible to strengthen our relationships with clients.


Staff competence

A deep and complete understanding of the processes taking place in the Forex market by our staff, high analytical abilities, backed by the experience of trading sessions and many years of constant trading practices of our traders allows us to state with full confidence that your funds are managed by competent and intelligent FX-managers.


Innovative solutions

Long gone are the days when the profitability of trading sessions could be obtained basing solely on talent or received on time trade inside. Today, in order to guarantee the desired rate of profit – there should be widely integrated innovations in trading. And in this aspect, we are by far the European leaders.


Reliability and safety

FXMC Company provides the highest level of safety and reliability of transactions, relying on a strong scientific and human resources, and developing innovative approaches to trading sessions. Guaranteed profitability of cooperation – is the basis of the declared conditions of our cooperation with each investor.


International Thinking

By structure, our team is multi-national due to the specifics of our business. Therefore take into account all the national peculiarities of perception of the investment process and especially the mentality of representatives of different countries and nationalities – is one of the most important tasks in the providing of international investment services.


Long-term relationships

Strategically, the most effective types of cooperation are designed for the long term. This approach forms the connections, enhancing the effectiveness of interaction between the company and its investors and the Trust Deed process becomes more reliable and comfortable for all parties concerned.