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Foreign exchange trading includes trading one currency pair in opposition to another, calculating that one currency will increase or decrease in comparison to another.


FX Markets Capital offers a flexible and simple way to obtain exposure to some of the most popular commodities including metals and energies such as Gold, Silver, Oil etc.

Stock Indices

Indices are the most widespread form of CFDs. FX Markets Capital obtains a large variety of Indices from all over the world, available every trader.

Welcome to FX Markets Capital

In FX Markets Capital we make sure everything you need is at your disposal.
Our specialised trading services as well as our broad selection of trading products and platforms offers you a leading trading experience, no matter where you are, trading with FX Markets Capital is a few clicks away.

1.0 Ultra Low Spreads
300+ Tradable Instruments
10+ Funding Methods
$500 Min Deposit
10 Trading Platforms
100:1 Leverage
9+ Tier 1 Banks


Trade signals are sent from our analyst team daily, warning traders of potentially lucrative trends in the market.d secure.


Articles and news from our analyst team highlights current market trends and patterns, giving you the big picture.


A wide variety of assets ensures you find your niche and keep a balanced portfolio. Trade oil, stocks, currency and more.
What we offer

In FX Markets Capital we offer a wide range of trading instruments involving Currency pairs, Commodities and Indices. In addition our knowledge and experience in FOREX Trading count towards our trustworthiness while we endeavour to give our customers all the needed support and education around FOREX trading.

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